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Parents and teachers may infinitely argue on when and how introduce children to technology. However, computers and mobile devices are our children's new reality from the early age. And more so, they are here to stay. In modern world kids learn, play and communicate through the newest technologies and devices. Thus, we, as parents and educators, need to find a way to use technology wisely to benefit our children.


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INTEGRET introduces games that are not only fun to play, but also fun to learn with. They are quite challenging and are aiming at developing kids' ability to focus, analyze the situation, and choose the best possible decision. The games have been created with collaboration of many talented professionals-- teachers, psychologists, programmers, and graphic designers.

All the games by INTEGRET share in common the following features:

  • a specific learning objective is in the heart of each game
  • the design and content of each game are based on a developmental stage of each age group
  • bright, simple, age appropriate graphics
  • modern and user-friendly interface design

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